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For our city Care Inc

Welcome to “For Our City Gilbert.”

Since we are the largest Town in the United States, we could probably say welcome to “For Our Town.” We continue to have a small Town feel, but with 220,000 citizens, we have “big city” amenities and citizens with “big hearts” ready and willing to serve. “For Our City Gilbert” includes representatives from faith groups, businesses, schools, and neighborhoods.  

Our emphasis is on “VOLUNTEER CONNECTIONS” with plans to serve our community by organizing larger projects twice a year (October, April) and to encourage individual, family and small group service on an on-going basis.

We are the fastest growing community in Arizona with a great spirit of volunteerism. “For Our City Gilbert” serves as another valuable community resource to help us identify needs and find volunteers to meet those needs.  As we do so, our community will grow together effecting positive change now and for the future.


Gilbert Mayor John Lewis          Co-Director and Gilbert Town Council Member, Victor Petersen

Co-Director and Pastor, Tim Thompson