Jon McHatton, Founder

Jon was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and has been in Community networking and service for over 30 years.  Under CARE INC, (a civic 501 (c) 3), of which he is founder and President,, Jon has developed

“For Our City”, which is a strategic opportunity for Civic, Business, Nonprofit and Faith leaders to collaborate for community transformation in six counties, and ten municipalities in Arizona.  

For Our City has facilitated the design and networking of an Emergency Response and Recovery Program called H.U.R.T (Holistic Urgent Recovery Training), COMPEF (Community Preparedness Exercise Fair),the East Valley Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast, and multiple local sustainable community projects and programs listed on this website, He has also helped to establish Community Citizen Corp Councils and served on the Arizona VOAD Executive Council. 

Jon is a former Pastor, Chaplain of the Arizona Legislature, Field Director for the Christian Emergency Network and is currently developing a new model of service as Outreach Director for Congressman Matt Salmon and the Fifth District of Arizona. 

Jon is the Senior Publisher with A Book's Mind, and a published author.  Jon and his wife Kim, the current president of CARE INC, live in Gilbert, Arizona, have been married for 38 years, and have three wonderful adult children, Misti, Jon, and Matthew.

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