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For our city Care Inc

"Think how could we address problems, alleviate suffering, and transform our community! 

For Our City–Chandler began in June 2009 with the purpose of coordinating service needs of the City of Chandler and non-profit organizations with the service resources of faith-based communities, employers, business groups, and others in the Chandler area.  

In recent years many different companies and organizations, both faith-based and non-profit, have undertaken and completed wonderful projects in our community. By posting and coordinating such efforts on the For Our City website, and by improving communication between all those who are involved in community service, the plan is to further streamline what is being done in the community and, at the same time, accomplish even more than would be otherwise possible.  

Those providing service may take responsibility for one-time or ongoing projects that will benefit the community. Examples of service opportunities include: annual neighborhood cleanups, painting projects, volunteer service to provide assistance to the elderly, tutoring of children in under-performing schools, and more. There is no limit to the amount of good that volunteers can do for others in their community."  ​                                                                                        -Kevin Hartke